Sell House Cash Troy –Some Insights

You can sell house or land quickly and easily. But, if you follow the traditional route, it will take months. The first thing that most people do is contact an estate agent. The agent makes a visit to the property and starts making notes about this wall that needs to be painted or that carpeting that needs to be replaced. If you are not willing to make the investments to follow their suggestions, they might not work hard to sell your home. They are mostly interested in their commissions. They want the highest sales. An average priced home will only get a small amount of their attention, even if it is in the best of condition. If the house is a fixer-upper, they are not likely to devote much attention to selling it at all.Find additional information at Stevemoves Michigan.

That means that your property could stay on the market for months or even a year, before you finally give up or find a buyer. If you find your own buyer and the agent has done any work on your behalf, they will still expect a commission on the sale. It’s in the contract you will be required to sign. In other words, in order to get your business, they force you to sign a contract saying that they will get a certain percentage of the sale. It’s not unusual to pay 5-10% in commissions and other fees.

Even if you eventually sell house or land to a family member, the agent will still get a commission. Once you sign the contract, they don’t have to do anything to earn their money. But, suppose the agent does find a buyer for your property. Closing can take three months or longer. Once you do go to closing, there are additional costs. You will need to pay a solicitors fee, in order to sell house, land or other properties. You may be asked to pay other closing costs, as well, simply to satisfy the buyer.